Amazing pizza, hoagies, and snacks

We make pizzas for every taste, using only the freshest ingredients and best recipes. Everything from the tasty classics to the truly unique, right here in Uniontown, PA.

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We are One-of-a-Kind

The team behind Fat Angelo's Pizzeria brings you O.A.K. Pizza! One of A Kind Pizza. This store is so close to the Original Fat Angelo’s pizzeria we needed to do something different but we LOVE PIZZA! So instead of all the cost and training associated with trying new pizza ideas at Fat Angelos, we try them at O.A.K. Pizza to see what's a success and what's going to flop.

We love pizza, it's our passion! Always has been and always will. We're looking to make the best pizzas on earth and who knows maybe with Elon's help on Mars one day too. Every day we're thinking of unique innovative pizza ideas from toppings, doughs, and however else we can improve on making the best pizza possible.





Dine-in, Takeout, Delivery, Catering

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